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According to World Bank’s Indicators in 2015, “80% of the energy consumed globally is sourced from fossil fuels.

Excessive consumption of Petroleum fuels is generating a shortage of resources, and severe environmental – atmospheric pollution. The continuous emerging demands for all types of energy and the limited supply in nature are creating strong national economic dependence.

National authorities all over the world are being taken to task over poor urban air quality. This pressure is not going away, and the tenacious battle with climate change is approaching a tipping point.

Extreme energy consumption and rising urban pollution are the heart of the issue and require revising the global energy systems on a comprehensive scale. It is a huge endeavour to accomplish in order to ensure a sustainable future for us all.

Consequently, UTIS Co. technological approach has become a reality and an indispensable component, complementing the continuous-combustion industrial process, and improving considerably its overall operational effectiveness.

UC3 – Ultimate Cell ® Continuous Combustion

An Exceptional Technology provided to the world stage, to optimize the Industrial Continuous-Combustion Process

UC3 – Ultimate Cell® Continuous Combustion optimizing system, is created and patented by UTIS Co. A disruptive innovation that creates a new prospect within the industrial communities, and reshapes the well-established continuous-combustion industrial process, for better and more efficient business performance.

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Productivity Increase
Reduced Exhaust Gas Emission
Speeds up the Combustion Process
Reducing fuel consumption
Safe and Reliable
24 Hour/Day Control
Energy Savings


Greater Efficiency / Lower Environmental Impact

The founding principle of UC3 – Ultimate Cell® Continuous Combustion technology is the injection of specific amounts of Hydrogen and Oxygen gases into the combustion chamber stream, optimizing the fuel burn, and making the combustion process more fuel-efficient, with lower Carbon footprint and less environmental impact. It makes business sense to cut costs by decreasing energy consumption with a sustainable, purpose-led approach.

The UC3 System is supplied from our manufacturing plants in Lisbon, as a complete containerized system. The UC3 has been designed with ease of industrial installation in mind, ensuring a trouble-free induction process. However, the system requires exclusively, an electrical connection, communication, water supply, and sewage. The robust and superior status of the UC3 system provides a safeguard to its sturdy, high precision operation.

Technical Assistance

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We provide Consulting Service in order to identify the real needs of each individual company and architect the best solutions for it. More Info

UC3 Technology applies to all continuous-combustion processes, across all relevant industrial fields, or industrial activities.

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