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According to the World Bank, in 2015, 80% of the energy consumed worldwide is resulting from fossil fuels.

Excessive consumption of these fuels is generating shortage of resources as well as environmental and atmospheric pollution. On the other hand, its emerging demand and its limited distribution in the world is creating a strong economic dependence.

Battling climate change and changing global energy systems worldwide are a huge endeavor in order to secure a sustainable future.
Therefore, UTIS is a vital element for this project to become a reality very soon.

UC3 – Ultimate Cell ® Continuous Combustion

Exceptional technology in the world to optimize continuous combustion processes

UC3 – Ultimate Cell® Continuous Combustion system, was created and patented by UTIS, is a disruptive technology that allows more efficient, economic and ecological combustion

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Productivity Increase
Reduced Exhaust Gas Emission
Speeds up the Combustion Process
Reducing fuel consumption
Safe and Reliable
24 Hour/Day Control
Energy Savings


Greater Efficiency / Lower Environmental Impact

The basic principle of UC3 – Ultimate Cell ® Continuous Combustion technology is the injection of small amounts of Hydrogen and Oxygen into the combustion system, optimizing the burning of fuels, making it more efficient and with less environmental impact.

The UC3 technology is given in a containerized system with easy industrial installation, requiring only electrical connections, communication, running water and sewage, ensuring its operation, which will optimize the burning of fuels.

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance is ensured by our team of professionals, both in person and remotely, in a fast, safe and effective way. More Info


We provide the Consulting Service in order to identify the real needs of each company and present the best solutions for it. Saber Mais

UC3 Technology applies to any industry and to all continuous combustion systems.

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Continuous Investment in R&D of UC3 Technology

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2019 AICEP Annual Meeting

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Sustainable Innovation Forum 2018

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Guidelines for Hydrogen in Portugal

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Creation and Development of three Portuguese Energy Efficiency Companies

Creation and Development of three Portuguese Energy Efficiency Companies: 1.ULTIMATE POWER 2.ULTIMATE CELL 3.UTIS – Ultimate Technology to Industrial Savings The purpose of this...

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Signed contract with Blue Thing Group AB

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