AICEP highlights UTIS, Sustainability in Continuous Combustion

AICEP Portugal Global, Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade of Portugal, in its International Campaign “Portugal Open for Business”, highlighted UTIS as another success story.

UTIS Portuguese technology optimizes combustion and reduces environmental impact.

Portuguese company UTIS developed UC3, a technology that optimizes continuous combustion in industrial units, adaptable to all types of fuels.
UC3 produces O2 and H2 of 99.5% purity, has an international patent and worldwide insurance coverage including the U.S. and Canada. UTIS exports more than 95% of its energy efficiency systems to Central America, Africa, Brazil and Europe. 

“Despite the evident effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in the world and also in Portugal, our country is open to activity. In Portugal, the industry has not stopped. The attitude of Portuguese companies is exemplary, demonstrating resilience, capacity for reinvention and innovation. Portugal is also a destination that continues to attract innovative investments. New investments continue to flow and regular investors feel confident about their operations in Portugal. Today Portugal remains a great country to visit, invest and live. We are a country open to the world, but above all open to business. Portugal is open for business.”


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