Installation of UC3 Technology at the Figueira da Foz Industrial Complex of The Navigator Company

The Navigator Company is today one of Portugal’s strongest presences in the world, playing a structuring role for the national economy, by vertically integrating its business model: applied research, forest, cellulose pulp, renewable energy, paper and tissue.

In the Figueira da Foz Industrial Complex which is located in Lavos, to the south of Figueira da Foz, The Navigator produces each year around 570 thousand tons of bleached eucalyptus pulp (BEKP) and 800 thousand tons of UWF (uncoated woodfree) printing and writing papers. The complex also houses a biomass cogeneration plant working in conjunction with the pulp mill to generate energy from renewable sources, as well as a natural gas combined cycle cogeneration plant.

Regarded as a global benchmark for the production of high quality eucalyptus pulps and paper, this was of course the birthplace of Navigator, the world’s best-selling premium office paper brand.

At present, the first UC3 unit is installed in the lime kiln, using as fuels natural gas and fuel oil, in which significant reductions are expected in the consumption of these fuels and in the emission of the gaseous pollutants (CO2) as well an increased furnace productivity.