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If you want to be informed about the news of our company and the sector in which we operate, UTIS regularly publishes content and news from this branch of activity.

The UC3 Technology Results in Brazil

On March 8th we had reported that two UC3 units were being installed in the SECIL cement plant in the Brazilian municipality of Adrianópolis in the state of Paraná. The results achieved so far are very good, reaching in the main parameters the following values: Productivity increase Up to...

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The UTIS International Expansion in India and Dubai

The management of UTIS represented by Vítor Gonçalo and Luís Novais traveled to India to promote our UC3 technology in this great country following discussions previously held in Lisbon with the Chairman cum Managing Director Mr. S.N. SWAMY of the EICS GROUP OF COMPANIES.( ) We visited four...

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Continuous Investment in R&D of UC3 Technology

An UTIS technical delegation travelled to the United States to deepen aptitudes with respect to electrolysers used in the UC3 units. High praise and recognition by american technicians for the high technology, greatest safety levels of all systems in which H2 storage never exists, outstanding integration and suitable methodology...

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