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If you want to be informed about the news of our company and the sector in which we operate, UTIS regularly publishes content and news from this branch of activity.

2019 AICEP Annual Meeting

UTIS managers were invited to attend this year´s AICEP Annual Meeting of External Network, this January the 8th at the SANA Metropolitan Hotel in Lisbon, in a round-table context, with some of the AICEP delegates working in Embassies of Portugal from all over the world. We consider the information...

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Sustainable Innovation Forum 2018

Takes place this week the 24th United Nations Conference on Climate Change, COP 24, in Katowice, Poland, whose mission is to carry out negotiations that can define the rules to implement the Paris Agreement. This global event brings together heads of state and representatives from more than 190 countries...

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Guidelines for Hydrogen in Portugal

The General-Management for Energy and Geology ( held in Lisbon on the 3rd of December the Symposium “Guidelines for Hydrogen in Portugal” led by His Excellency the State Secretary of Energy. The Symposium was attended by numerous individuals both public and corporate, as well as representatives of the European...

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Creation and Development of three Portuguese Energy Efficiency Companies

Creation and Development of three Portuguese Energy Efficiency Companies: 1.ULTIMATE POWER 2.ULTIMATE CELL 3.UTIS – Ultimate Technology to Industrial Savings The purpose of this document is to recap, how in less than 6 years, was possible to create 3 Portuguese companies, with their own capital, Portuguese technicians and in...

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