Cemento PANAM at the vanguard of green hydrogen

Photo Cemento Panam incorporates the use of green hydrogen as an alternative that reduces the use of fossil fuels.

Santo Domingo – Cement PANAM entered the world’s top cement factories using green hydrogen in its Villa Gautier production plant. A technology that protects the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, CO2 and NOX.

The system, implemented by the UTIS company, makes it possible to increase the clinker kiln’s efficiency by injecting controlled quantities of hydrogen and oxygen. Its application accelerates the reaction of the combustion process, which generates energy efficiency and contributes to reducing fossil fuel consumption and its carbon footprint.

“With the adoption of green hydrogen, Cemento PANAM seeks to support the energy transition of the industrial sector of the Dominican Republic towards the use of renewable energy sources such as solar, hydraulic, wind and alternative sources such as biomass,” he indicated. Arnoldo Alonso, Director of Operations.

He highlighted the plant as a model factory and one of the main ones in the region, seen from transversal operational management that promotes community development and environmental protection.

Green hydrogen constitutes a clean energy widely used in Europe to promote carbon neutrality in the cement sector. Its application is part of the future matrix that seeks to replace fossil fuels with renewable alternatives.

Climate action

Within its climate action strategy, reducing carbon emissions is one of Cemento PANAM’s priorities, given the challenge it represents in the industry internationally. Therefore, the incorporation of the use of renewable energy constitutes a mechanism for the generation of Portland cement within a framework of environmental sustainability.

Its implementation, together with the creation of its own forest plantations and the management and recovery of waste, places Cemento PANAM among the Dominican organizations that comply with the provisions of the National Development Strategy and the Sustainable Development Objectives of the global climate agenda.

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