Partnership between UTIS and CapWatt to optimize a biogas generator

Press Release

6th November 2023 – Cascais, Portugal


The UCLE Combustion Process Improvement System produced by UTIS optimizes the operation of CapWatt’s biogas generator.

Both Portuguese companies, CapWatt and UTIS began a partnership in 2021 to optimise a biogas generator, operated by CapWatt at Chamusca’s landfill, through the installation of a system named ULTIMATE CELL® LARGE ENGINE (UCLE) produced by UTIS.

CapWatt (www.capwatt.com) is an innovative company owned by SC Industrials, which promotes integrated energy solutions, maximising synergies between decentralised production, service provision and energy commercialisation, contributing to a sustainable energy paradigm.

Today, it is present in Portugal, Mexico, Spain and Italy and has a vast portfolio of projects in operation, being recognised as an independent energy producer.

UTIS (www.utis.pt) is a Portuguese company founded in 2018, a joint venture between ULTIMATE CELL and SEMAPA in a collaborative effort to create a strategic solution aiming Energy Efficiency.

UTIS has an innovative, patented technology for optimising internal and continuous combustion equipment. This revolutionary technology allows a reduction in the use of fossil fuels, pollutant emissions levels and energy consumption, helping to make mobility and industries greener and more sustainable, producing products with a smaller environmental footprint.

The UCLE Combustion Optimization System, was designed for use in large internal combustion engines (consumption of up to 1200L/h of fuel) to reduce fuel consumption as well as emissions—harmful exhaust gases. The technology uses a proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyser coupled to several subunits to produce hydrogen (up to 99.5% purity) and oxygen in a controlled process.

The UCLE G2 unit, presented above (Depth. x Width x Height = 456 mm x 1050 mm x 1200 mm), is a combustion optimisation device, which, by introducing small amounts of hydrogen at specific points in the air inlet of the engine, optimises fuel burning, acting as a catalyst for the combustion reaction, thus increasing its efficiency. It’s a fully integrated hydrogen production unit compatible with all types of fossil fuels. UTIS has an international patent for this optimisation method.

Gains obtained with UCLE Technology for CapWatt’s biogas energy recovery project in Chamusca

With the installation of the UCLE device, the effects of the generator’s operation were evaluated, namely changes in the level of electricity production efficiency, the effects on engine exhaust gases, financial return and another profitable impact on the operation and functioning of the generator.

Data analysis reports carried out by the companies’ technical teams, quantify these gains, showing that very positive results were obtained, such as evidence of reduction of specific biogas consumption in the electrical energy produced (kWCH4/kWe), the possibility of engine operation in low biogas quality regimes (CH4 content) allowing to increase the number of practical hours of electrical energy production. It should also be noted that the gains in terms of maintenance were mainly notable, namely in reducing downtime and minimising the accumulation of silica in the engine, reducing the number of interventions or components to be replaced.

In summary, the use of UCLE in CapWatt’s biogas generator resulted in greater productivity and increase the operation time without maintenance needs, with financial and environmental gains. 

Considering the results obtained and the relevance of this technology applications, the two companies plan to continue their cooperation for this and similar projects and in new areas with other type of fuels.

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