Sustainable products and practices

Although our business in established on developing hydrogen technology designed as a sustainable energy solution, Sustainability is at the core of our practice. To maintain our competitive advantage, our commitment to Sustainability drives UTIS’s corporate strategy to meet all environmental regulations while maintaining its social license to operate in a market sentiment focused on environmental and social issues.

As an organization, UTIS’s manufacturing processes precisely focus on producing its products Sustainably. UTIS recognizes that Climate Change is an urgent global priority and is committed to reducing its climate impacts in core environmental areas, Such as,

  • Carbon reductions and low-carbon products
  • Climate risk and opportunity
  • Environmental protection and Biodiversity

Although UTIS is a “green” company concerning its production processes and daily practices carried by its professionals, it aims to reduce direct carbon emissions within its facility (scope 1) and supply chain (scope 3), only dealing with sustainable suppliers. Consequently, UTIS has set a CO2 reduction target of 30% by 2030 from its current levels (Green Growth Strategy 2030). 

UTIS environmental strategy ‘Green Growth Strategy 2030’ includes: 

  • Generating 70% of its financial revenues from green products. 
  • Allocating significant funding for green CAPEX per year.
  • More than 80% of sales agreements must be linked to sustainability programs.

Conversely, considering all the wrong business decisions that gradually contributed to the destruction of our Planet at varied levels, UTIS has continued its Leadership in developing and supplying environmental products and climate solutions for multiple industrial processes by being one of the leading companies in the world to develop an effective hydrogen technology for its industrial customers—enabling them to reduce their direct carbon emissions (Scopes 1) within the scope of their environmental sustainability. UTIS’s innovative hydrogen technology, UC3, is designed as a sustainable product to help its customers progress their sustainability agenda by significantly improving their industrial fuel combustion processes.

Our hydrogen technology applies to boilers and furnaces in industrial units of various industrial sectors. Guaranteeing a near-perfect burning of fossil fuels. Accordingly, reducing their energy consumption, CO2 emissions, and energy costs.

Our people:

UTIS people are central to its performance and economic growth. The Leadership of the organization acknowledges the hard work accomplished by the team and remains committed to its social strategy and to developing a culture of performance and growth for its people, established on the following principles:

  • Providing training and development programs
  • Driving inclusion and diversity
  • increasing the representation of women across all parts of the business
  • Expanding leadership opportunities for women.
  • Addressing the issue of gender pay parity
  • Providing a range of youth development programs and student scholarships
  • And ensuring the safety of UTIS people by reducing work injuries to Zero

With safety being paramount in the mind of UTIS, in 2021, UTIS delivered safety training, risk containment, and life-saving rules across all company divisions. Resulting in 100% of the company’s sites being injury free in 2021.

Sustainability Policy

Our Sustainability Policy is based on a set of commitments
guided by the ESG pillars (English acronym for Environmental,
Social, and Governance).
We promote sustainable growth through solutions and practices that positively impact our organization and society.
For UTIS, sustainable development is achieved when the business generates value for our shareholders, customers, employees, and other stakeholders.
We are committed to contributing to:

  • Socio-economic strengthening where we operate;
  • Maintaining and improving the health and safety of our people;
  • In mitigating the environmental impacts caused by our activities, through responsible and conscientious management.

This policy is a guide for the effective integration of the Sustainability Agenda into the business strategy, incorporating these commitments into all decisions and activities.



Respect and care for our people and other stakeholders


Eliminate and mitigate any adverse environmental impacts of our operation


Interact ethically and responsibly with the entire business’s ecosystem

We always want to keep in mind the challenges and guidelines imposed by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and, through our strategy, be able to contribute in the best way to achieving them.

Objetivos Sustentabilidade




Work Practices

  • The leadership of the organization recognizes that all people at UTIS are fundamental to the performance and economic growth of the company, and therefore remains committed to providing a challenging, collaborative, ethical, respectful work environment with mechanisms that prevent the existence of any form of discrimination and harassment;
  • Promote a culture of developing personal and professional skills, offering training programs, providing opportunities, recognition and career development;
  • To promote the inclusion and diversity of people, through equity actions, to know and understand the particularities and needs of each individual, and to build an environment that is comfortable for everyone.
Educação de Qualidade
Trabalho digno
Reduzir as desigualdades

Health and safety

  • UTIS has a non-negotiable goal of Zero accidents at work, and since it began its activities, it is proud to have achieved this goal. This achieved outcome is due to the investment in training, protective equipment (PPE/EPC) and the best working conditions, with a view to eliminating and mitigating any risk of accidents.
Saude de qualidade
Trabalho digno
Pilar ambiental


Combating Climate Change

  • Combating climate change is a strategic priority for UTIS;
  • We are leaders in the development of hydrogen technologies, being one of the most prominent companies globally in providing technological solutions to help mitigate climate change effects in various sectors; industrial, transport and energy. Enabling these sectors to reduce energy consumption as well as their direct process emissions;
  • Move forward with the preparation of emissions inventories, opt for technologies and components with a low carbon footprint and raise awareness among our stakeholders to adopt sustainable practices.
Ação climática

Environmental Protection

  • Adopt best practices for protecting the environment, including pollution prevention, through:
  • Rational use of resources and materials;
  • Reduction of water consumption;
  • Reduction of energy consumption and associated emissions;
  • Adequate waste management;
  • Management of environmental aspects, to eliminate and mitigate the environmental impacts of our operations.
Água potável e saneamento
Energias renováveis
Produção e consumo sustentáveis
Ação climática
Pilar Governança


Responsible Managemen

  • Ensure the sustained growth of the business, continuously improving our organizational, operational, and technological processes, aiming to strengthen our stakeholders’ satisfaction, as well as expanding UTIS’s presence in the international market;
  • We are committed to legal, regulatory compliance, and ethical conduct in our operations. Accordingly, we have certified, robust and auditable Management Systems as a tool for improving corporate governance;
  • Ensure that all our activities are executed in accordance with our corporate principles; therefore, we strive to establish relationships of trust and responsibility throughout the value chain.
Paz, Justiça e Istituições eficazes
Parcerias para implementação de objetivos

Solutions and Innovation

  • Innovation is an indispensable element that contributes to our Sustainability Strategy. We deal with the topic in a transversal way, whether in our products and services, developing sustainable solutions, or in our facilities and processes, where we promote technologies aligned with the preservation of natural resources.
  • We promote a culture of creativity, excellence, and continuous improvement in our organization. Accordingly, we invest in research and participation in scientific projects, which contribute to creating collaborative and technological environments, respecting intellectual property, and responding to high levels of requirement.
Indústria, Inovação e Infraestruturas
Produção e consumo sustentáveis

All our commitments are ensured by the Steering Committee, in order to support, guide and monitor the implementation of the Sustainability Agenda.