Technical Assistance Customer Care and Maintenance, remote or in person – AS UTIS

In order to ensure high levels of availability of UC3 Systems – Ultimate Cell® Continuous Combustion, UTIS has a technical team and a set of tools and procedures that guarantee a global remote reach, essential to face the growing restrictions on the movement of people , imposed by Pandemic COVID-19.

With remote, real-time access to UC3 Systems, UTIS not only supports the resolution of any malfunctions, but also anticipates and avoids situations that could lead to unscheduled stops.In fact, with 54 alarms and the monitoring of 10 system parameters, in the vast majority of situations, the technical team is able to diagnose, without the need for Customer intervention, the source of unscheduled stops, and even to restore the ideal operating conditions of the UC3 systems.

In practical terms, our technicians have the means to remotely monitor and act on the UC3, under conditions very similar to those in the UC3 themselves, through the Human-Machine Interface (HMI).

These means have allowed UTIS, during the periods of greatest prevalence of restrictions on international mobility of people, to continue to commission new UC3 Systems which, in most cases, have ceased to be   local to become remote. Naturally, this alternative was only possible with the strong support of our Customers.