The UC3 Technology Results in Brazil

On March 8th we had reported that two UC3 units were being installed in the SECIL cement plant in the Brazilian municipality of Adrianópolis in the state of Paraná.

The results achieved so far are very good, reaching in the main parameters the following values:

Productivity increase Up to ↑7%
Reduction of volatilization Down to ↓99% of SO2
in the smoke chamber.
Reduction of Specific Heat Consumption (SHC) Down to ↓5%
Greater stability:            Reduction of the standard deviation (σ) Feeding in the Kiln Down to ↓96%
Reduction of the standard deviation (σ) of SO2 Down to ↓99%

With the kind permission of the factory management, Adrianópolis has been a showcase for other Brazilian cement or steel companies, previously contacted, to verify and confirm the obtained results.