UTIS, creating value and technology towards decarbonisation, opened a subsidiary in Brazil

Press Release

July 11, 2023 – Cascais, Portugal

To support its rapid growth and better serve the market, UTIS has established a new subsidiary company in Brazil. This strategic move aims to enhance customer service and ensure excellence for both existing and future customers who adopt the patented UC3 hydrogen technology to optimize their combustion processes.

With a strong presence in 27 countries, the UC3 hydrogen technology, which leverages hydrogen and oxygen in the optimization of industry fuel combustion processes, was launched in Brazil in 2019, namely in the Cement sector, where UTIS company has 124 projects already operational in the sector worldwide.

The effectiveness and sophistication of the UC3 hydrogen technology have led to its adoption in other industrial sectors, including the Steel sector in Brazil. UTIS foresees a rapid global expansion of its technology in the Steel industry. UTIS has established itself as a leader in energy transition processes, contributing significantly to decarbonization and efficiency improvements of industrial fuel combustion processes. As a result, additional sectors such as sucre energy, pulp and paper, and biomass boilers have embraced the UC3 hydrogen technology to optimize their production processes.

UTIS Brazil is headed by Fabiano Sousa, an experienced engineer specializing in industrial and project management. The local team provides dedicated technical support. Paulo Gonçalo, CEO of UTIS, affirms the company’s commitment to strengthening its strategic position in Brazil, catering to all sectors where the patented UC3 technology is both technically viable and economically attractive.