UTIS guarantees an Engineering and Data Science Service, based on the Advanced Analytic methodology

In order to provide an excellent After-Sales Service, UTIS implemented an online monitoring system (platformACCEPT, accept.pt), which guarantees the monitoring of all equipment installed worldwide, through independent VPN connections. Real-time monitoring of the performance of all installed UC3 systems and the collection of their process parameters are essential. The ability to act proactively to avoid unscheduled stops and respond quickly to resolve them, acting on their causes to minimize and / or eliminate their occurrences, is vital to the sustainability of UTIS’s business. As part of this process, UTIS implemented an engineering and data science service, based on the Advanced Analytics methodology that aims to anticipate and minimize the negative impacts of potential failures of UC3 systems:

  • Operation of the combustion systems where they are installed, with loss of savings for the customer;
  • Perceived low reliability of UC3 systems, negatively affecting UTIS ‘image in the market;
  • Increased associated maintenance / operating costs.