UTIS is a sponsor at the 23rd Asia CemenTrade Summit

Decarbonization of the Cement Industry in Asia

UTIS Portugal and UTIS Oceania will be present at the 23rd Asia CemenTrade Summit on the 23th and 24th of April 2024 in Manila, Philippines, a significant commitment to promoting knowledge and disseminating our technology in Asian markets.

UTIS’ Internationalization strategy aims to ensure more excellent proximity to its strategic markets, where its technology is currently implemented, to ensure operational excellence for our customers.
The patented UC3 technology, developed by UTIS, due to its unique and disruptive approach, has allowed us to achieve extraordinary environmental and economic results for our customers.

Our customers’ main results achieved by increasing the efficiency of combustion processes are a significant reduction in operating costs, a reduction in CO2 emissions, and an increase in productivity in several areas of activity.


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