UTIS participation in the 1st SINATUB Marathon – Boilers, Steam, and Energy to be held between 19 and 21 October 2020.

UTIS (www.utis.pt), with disruptive results in the application of its technology in Boilers, Steam, and Energy, is one of the companies promoting the 1st SINATUB Marathon between the 19th and 21st of October.

UTIS and the other promoting companies and the other participants in this event guarantee their success from the beginning. Some are internationally recognized as being state of the art in these industrial areas.

It is of the utmost justice to give public praise to the Brazilian companies that innovated in creating this event and all the others that will participate in it. Since now, we are committed to giving its most significant and best contribution and also publicizing this Marathon with the official entities and private companies in Portugal.

This will be the 1st Marathon of the many that will follow and in which UTIS will undoubtedly have the opportunity to participate.